7 Steps to Negotiate Your Salary to Get What You’re Worth

by Adam Hardy (Contributor) Updated July 20, 2022 After all the hard work you’ve put into designing your resume, crafting your cover letter and acing your job interview, you might be tempted to cash in on the first job offer a company gives you. Most people do. But putting in a little extra time to […]

This Easy 3-Step Guide Will Help You Learn How to Write a Cover Letter

by Carson Kohler (Staff Writer) Updated January 15, 2021 In this video, Alex Mahadevan explains three steps to landing your perfect job. The Penny Hoarder When you’re writing a cover letter, all of your deepest insecurities can surface. You start to question your writing skills, your professional experience and, really, your entire life. How do […]

Job Seekers: Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Resume

by Alex Mahadevan (Data Journalist) Updated January 15, 2021 Hiring practices may have changed a bit in the past few years, but one thing has stayed the same: Resumes are a must during a job hunt, and a quality one is a very big deal for job seekers.  These sacred documents represent the whole of […]

Use These 9 Pro Tips When Preparing for Your Next Job Interview

by Rachel Christian, CEPF®, Susan Jacobson Updated June 23, 2023 Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. How should you prepare? What should you know about the company? What should you say — and avoid saying? Prepping for a job interview is an essential part of your job search. It can calm your nerves and give you […]

Not Sure What Career Is Best for You? Start With These 4 Simple Steps

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How to Be a Substitute Teacher and Snag a Signing Bonus

by Larissa Runkle (Contributor) Updated 17 Hours Ago If there’s one job that’s in high demand right now, it’s substitute teaching. All you have to do is open up a tab in your browser and type in “jobs near me” and you’ll start to see ads offering flexible hours and “no experience necessary” to help […]